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Through its history, Wilburton High School has produced a plethora of outstanding athletes. They have provided a wide-range of entertainment and amazing accomplishments during their careers.

It is the purpose of the Athletic Association to recognize those who best exemplified the high community and school standards while participating in athletics for WHS. This will insure a lasting legacy that is so richly deserved by the now men and women who at one time in the past graced the athletic fields and arenas of Wilburton Public Schools.

There have been people who have distinguished themselves by making significant contributions to the athletic teams through the years as well. This would include coaches, managers, and other contributors. ItĀ  is our intention to recognize them as well.


There are three entities that makeup the organization. The first is the Athletic Association that coordinates and enables the second; the Hall of Fame. The third entity is the Induction Committee.

The Association’s sole purpose is to support the Hall of Fame. This support will be accomplished through membership dues in the Association and by donations. It is not required to be a member of the Association in order to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. However, only Association members my nominate a candidate for the Hall of Fame.

The Induction Committee will consist of a total of seven members. The Executive Secretary will be a permanent members, as well as the Local Representative, who will normally be a member of the school faculty or staff. They will be non-voting members, except in times of need.The other five members will be selected and will rotate off the committee on a yearly basis. The Committee will select new members to replace themselves as they rotate off of their service.

Jr. High Basketball

1948-49 Jr. High Basketball teamĀ  (l-r) Stanley McCasland, Duane Wood, Gene Stinson,” Spec” Johnson, & Doyle Williamson.