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  • The WHS Athletic Association Selection Committee met in Oklahoma City on Oct. 15, and reviewed all the nominations of former players, coaches, and teams for induction into the WHS Athletic Hall of Fame.
  • The Committee went through several nominations and with pains-taking effort, deciphered through the votes to make the determination for the 2015 edition to be inducted. The Committee decided to induct nine former players, one coach, and one team into the Hall of Fame. There were many more deserving nominees that were worthy  of induction, but chose to limit the number to those chosen.
  • All nominations were considered and ranked in order according to number of nominations and evaluation by the Committee. Those nominated, but not chosen for the class of inductees will be held over and considered for the 2016 inductions.
  • The extensive list of worthy candidates exist because of the long overdue establishment of the organization.
  • The Committee consists of an Executive Secretary, who is a non-voting member, but runs the organization and is a permanent position. There is also a local representative in Wilburton who will take care of matters as needed in Wilburton.
  • This year’s selections include: John Hayes ’56; Ross Roye ’60; Tom Bamback ’61; Norm Clayborn ’63; Ed Martin ’65; Rodney Price ’71; Jennie Skimbo ’76; Jason Bell ’80; Jesse Morrow ’82; and Coach Jerry Linney, who spent almost 20 years in the system (1963-1982); and special recognition will go to the 1988-89 football team.
  • This year is the 100th anniversary of the Alumni Association and will be a special ceremony in everything that happens; including the induction of the new Athletic Hall of Fame members.